The Short 6ft Tall Man

Written by Stuart Acker Holt | Edited & Illustrated by Millie Baring (2013)

My good friend Stu wrote an amazing short story.  He wanted to give it to his father, Robert for his 90th birthday.  The story was based on Robert's memories as a Jewish adolescent living in Nazi-occupied Austria in the months leading up to World War II.

Robert and Fritz as boys in 1938

Robert (aged 90) and Fritz reunited in Vienna, 2014

Robert's best friend Fritz was a member of the Nazi Youth; the story documents their last few months together before Robert and his family had to flee their home, and it ends with Robert's first kiss at the tender age of 16.


Stu sent me his story to edit.  I loved it - I was so moved that I begged him to let me illustrate it for Robert.  Stu was thrilled.  So I edited it and sent it back with some drawings.

Robert and his family flee Austria in 1938

We were so pleased with the results that we decided to make it into a proper book for Robert.  So I formatted the text and illustrations, found a local printers and together we self-published Stu's amazing story and turned it into a beautiful hardback book for his dad.


Now it's available on Amazon in soft back and there are 50 special edition, signed hard back copies.  WIN!


More info on the Facebook page.

Robert returns to Vienna Station 76 years later

From notebook scribbles to the finished article!

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