31 Jul 2015

Commission:  A wedding gift from a bridesmaid to a bride - to transcribe a piano composition written by a late friend of the bride and present it beautifully with a watercolour and pen illustration border.


Client:  Astrid, London, UK

01 Dec 2015

Commission:  To illustrate and privately publish a series of short stories for children, as a surprise gift from the author's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren for her 90th birthday.


Client:  The Waldman Family, London, UK 

06 Nov 2015

Commission:  To create a wedding invitation to place in the body of an e-invitation, depicting a Tuscan scene where the wedding will take place, and matching Guest Information pages to attach to the email.


Client:  Francesca & Benji, London, UK 

31 Aug 2015

Commission:  To create an illustrated demontration of how to make sparkling wine, based on the techniques used by Bride Valley Vineyards;  to be used for online marketing and social media as well as potential for selling merchandise. 


Client:  Bride Valley Vineyard, Dorset, UK  

03 Jul 2015

Commission:  To create bespoke wedding stationary with hand-written caligraphy and typography - package inclues Invitations, Information sheet, Directions sheet, Order of Service and signs at the wedding for WC, Parking, etc. 


Client:  Aksinia & George, London/Dorset, United Kingdom 

(working with Lillingston Event Planners)

01 Apr 2015

Commission:  To illustrate visual versions of the wine tasting notes in various formats and sizes to use on Instagram, website and as shelf talkers in shops.


Client:  L.A.S. Vino, Margaret River WA, Australia

05 Dec 2014

Commission:  To illustrate a series of images to accompany a live orchestral performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, beginning with 'Springtime'.  


Client:  Ilan Eshkeri, composer, London, UK

01 Mar 2015

Commission:  To illustrate a Special Edition label for a limited Chrismas release of the producer's popular wine called L.T.C. (Little Touch of Chardonnay).  It was a huge hit in Australia, with the Australian Prime Minister himself ordering several dozen over two orders.


Client:  Pierro Margaret River Vineyards, WA, Australia

01 Aug 2015

Commission:  A Christening gift of an illustration for framing, including a faery and the child's initials O.S.M.E.  


Client:  Tori, London, UK

03 Jun 2015

Commission:  Ongoing illustrations for L.A.S. Vino for marketing and social media use - six images used to make an attractive postcard.


Client:  L.A.S. Vino, Margaret River WA, Australia

04 Jun 2015

Commission:  A birthday gift for a Red Stripe fan - "please illustrate a Red Stripe can so I can have it framed for my best friend".  Sure, can do! ;-)  


Client:  Caro & Issy, London, UK

01 Feb 2015

Commission:  To create an illustrated demontration of how to make red wine, based on the techniques used by L.A.S. to make their Portuguese Pirate Blend;  to be used for online marketing and social media as well as potential for selling merchandise.


Client:  L.A.S. Vino, Margaret River WA, Australia

01 Nov 2014

Commission:  To create a logo prototype for an online "networking platform" for musicians and music industry folk - aimed at finding the perfect match for teachers/pupils, composers/musicians, etc, with a playful nod to the online dating world.


Client:  Emily Cunliffe, London, UK

08 Jan 2015

Commission:  To create a floor map for clientele visiting the open-plan warehouse, as well as signs for Seating and Off-Limits to Alcohol areas for the individual restaurants and bars.


Client:  The Mantle, Fremantle, Perth, Australia

01 Nov 2014

Commission:  To edit, proof-read, illustrate, design and arrange for printing - a short story based on the memories of the author's father.


Client:  Stuart Acker Holt, London, UK and Berlin, Germany

31 Aug 2014

Commission:  To create children / family friendly illustrations for website and marketing purposes for a family member's club in London.


Client:  KH Partners LTD, London, UK

30 Jun 2015

Commission:  A selection of my work from a two year diploma in children's illustrations, tutored by published illustrator Maggy Roberts.


Results:  Pass with Distinction


Client:  London Art College

01 Nov 2014

Commission:  A collaborative series of short story-poems aimed at children aged 4-8 years.  The series follows the adventures of a Little Red Robot who discovers he has a heart.


The stories are accompanied by live orchestral music written by award-winning film score composer Ilan Eshkeri (The Young Victoria, Stardust, Coriolanus, Still Alice).


Authors:  Millie Baring and Ilan Eshkeri

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