Grandma's Bedtime Stories

Written by Annette Waldman | Illustrated & Formatted by Millie Baring (2015)

A lady got in touch with me, having heard about my illustrations, asking if I might illustrate some short children's stories her grandmother had written several decades ago.   I accepted with pleasure, and received a scan of the original stories, typed up on an old-fashioned typewriter by the author Annette Waldman.

Original stories typed by Annette

The collection typed and scanned in

As the project progressed, Annette's 90th birthday approached and it was agreed by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchilden that an illustrated, printed and bound copy of her stories would make the perfect surprise present!


Once I had illustrated all the stories, I had them printed and bound and presented them proudly to Annette's daughters.

Robert and his family flee Austria in 1938

Me and the final product!

A spread from Poppetty Squirrel

The Waldman chidren were thrilled with the outcome and rushed to take the first copy for Annette to open after her 90th birthday lunch.   I was informed she was overwhelmed with joy and later in the day I received a little note which she had emailed (yes, she's a whizz on the internet at age 90!) to her daughter:


"Please do tell Millie I am looking forward to meeting her and I am so grateful to her for making the characters come alive for me by her perfect interpretation."

The finished article in hardback colour print!

The book also received high praise on social media and several requests to buy a copy, both from individuals and children's book and toy stores.


The Waldman family and I are currently implementing plans to publish the book.


Please do get in touch if you are interested in buying a copy and we will inform you when the book has been officially published.


Contact details on my Contact page in the menu above.

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